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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Love is holy its come from your heart? Did I say the truth or not? O.K its up to you, what are thinking about love is your right. But what are we thinking about love is not always the right, am I right? Whatever oters perception about love for me love is really holy and we must taking good care of it. As example if we really love our girl perhaps who ready this are boy:) We must take good care of her. Never take advantage., i mean DO NOT TOUCH her before you exactly can do that. You can only do whatever you want to her after married, do whatever didn't mean you can beat her or make her life in ruin!Ahaakz..

Okay! next love come from heart. If your heart never mean for that person can you say are you are in love?? Nope right! You will try hard to get someone you love if your heart say I LOVE HER/HIM.. i know no one of you will waste your time doing something stupid for person which you not in love with. Same like me too.:)

That why i like this statement LOVE IS HOLY, LOVE IS FROM HEART!

P/s: Sorry for my poor English:) I will try hard next time to make it better..hehe

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